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Content is to website what the heart is to a body

You are sitting comfortably in your living room sofa and you put on the TV; almost immediately you frantically start flipping channels until you stop at one.

What made you stop? A movie you always wanted to see or a re-run of your favorite show? While the first scenario captures your imagination & makes you curious for what’s to come, the second scenario has comprehensively won your heart.

The common element : CONTENT!

Content Writing Course

We as a species are more impatient than ever! We binge watch our favorite shows, we skip ads; even the news hasn’t been spared. From newspapers to ‘news-shots’, a small notification decides if you are going to be even remotely interested to know the full story.

While we can’t rebel for a change, we can embrace it. The need for better content, more engaging content, has never been felt this strongly. As the hunger for good content grows, so should the supply; but is it really catching up? I can’t answer in the affirmative here.

Content writing has long been seen as an art, so people abandoned it at the drop of a hat to pick up more conventional ventures citing their lack of flair. Quite contrarily, content writing is more about striking the balance between what we want to say, what the customer wants to hear and what should be said!

As web content takes over our daily lives, people are scrambling for their share of pie! And we are here to help you claim your share.

What You Will Learn Through Our
Content Writing Course

  • What is content writing – meaning & basics
  • Types of content writing – Journalistic, Advertising, SEO, Influencer & many more
  • Content writing for creating web pages
  • Content writing for blogs
  • Content writing for SEO – on page & off page
  • Content writing for Social Media
  • Content writing for Email Marketing
  • Content writing through infographics
  • Content writing for Influencers
  • Content writing for lead generation
  • How to effectively use images to enhance content and related tools
  • Case studies & assignments

What You Will Gain After Completing
Our Content Writing Course

  • Content Writing Jobs - you can be a freelancer or a take up a full time job. Innumerable companies & individuals are looking for quality content writers and we will help you find them.
  • Blog Marketing – start your own blog & monetize it; the potential income from blog marketing is unlimited.
  • Stronger SEO – your website, your social media presence everything works in tandem to help you succeed in the online world. With effective content writing, your SEO activities will get a huge boost and help retain your ranking on Google drawing additional revenues.
  • Be an Influencer – brands are lined up to pay you huge amounts of money in return for a positive shout-out from influencers. You can also be paid for reviewing a product because you can help shape consumer opinions.
  • Certified Professional Content Writer – upon successful completion of the course, you will add another feather to your cap by being a certified content writer. This boosts your conversion chances during a job interview or when starting out as a fresher in the freelancing world.

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Usual Concerns of Students:

Why should you pursue a content writing course?

Short answer: to be in the game for the long haul.

Long Answer: The question is not why, it’s why not. No matter how good your SEO is or how badass your SMM campaign was, it will help you win only 50% of the battle i.e. getting people TO your website. But what do you do to make them STAY?

For the user, the road to your web page is easy and the road out is even easier. He won’t think twice before exiting your website if he doesn’t like what he sees. No social conundrums on the world wide web after all!

For any degree of engagement on your website, content is the only thing that would see you through.

I have found related content on other websites; do I still need a content writing course?

Yes, a thousand times YES! When you find content online that is closely related to your subject or happens to best express your thoughts, get inspired but God forbid, don’t copy.

It’s lazy to say the least but it also has an adverse technical impact on your website. Google identifies plagiarism and if your content is not original, no matter how much you try, your website will never rank on the Google search page.

So yes, you need a content writing course to help you generate your own content; one that’s not only original but also creatively written, keeping your target audience in mind.

I have heard of spin bots; why not use them instead of going for a content writing course?

For one, you can’t use them on your actual website for a thousand reasons and more! Plus the free ones available over the internet can hardly be termed useful.

Let’s get one thing straight, there is nothing better than being able to produce your own content without depending on another person or a computerized tool. It’s your product and you know best how to sell it. All you need is a little creative guidance to help you.

Are there any content writing courses in Delhi?

It’s about time you asked! We at Avenir Education provide the most targeted content writing course in Delhi. We truly believe that content cannot be compromised upon and hence, have designed a special curriculum for you to benefit from! We even have customized courses within the content writing umbrella to choose from. Our ever helpful team will help you choose the most suitable module for you.

My English is weak; am I eligible for a content writing course?

Many people confuse content writing only with linguistic flair. There is a lot more to content writing than actual writing. For instance, your product delivery cycle may sound too boring in words, why not present it in the form of an infographic? Easy on the eyes, enhanced readability for the user and everyone goes home happy!

Content writing is all about understanding two things viz. your product and your customer. The demographic to which your potential customer belongs will directly impact the kind of content that should be put out on your website and never lose track of your product as well.

We will impart this skill in great detail and not only theoretically. With the help of case studies & assignments, you will see yourself grow as a content writer and be more confident of your abilities.

I am a working professional; is it possible for me to pursue this course on weekends?

Avenir Education is open all 7 days of the week to facilitate your needs. Our content writing course can be pursued even on weekends.

Is content writing course available online?

We are a digital marketing institute and it would be a shame if we were not online ourselves! Our online content writing course is not only available but through recorded sessions can be referred to at any later date as well.

We hold a weekly Q&A session for all our online participants to help them tide over any difficulties they may face during the course.

So what are you waiting for?

Join our content writing course and start building the most wanted career available today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s digital world. Get in touch with us to know all the course details.

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