Digital Marketing Career Path [The Ultimate Guide]

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Digital Marketing Career Path

Digital Marketing Career Path

Digital Marketing is the buzz word and it is here to stay. While many people have already jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon, there still remains a section of people who are looking for answers with regards to the digital marketing career path. In this blog, we will attempt to answer those queries and clarify how your digital marketing career will shape up!

The online marketplace is only going to grow as we can safely say that none of us want to go back to the traditional way of shopping, standing in queues and we certainly can’t get over our obsession of having our choicest clothes delivered to our doorstep without worrying about returns.

Even cinematic pleasure is now being fine-tuned to reach the audience hooked on to digital content. The war between Netflix and Amazon Prime is just hotting up and the consumers will not only benefit but also attract new consumers who would want access to the same quality content.

This means only one thing; the industry needs a specialist, certified digital marketing executives more than ever. But often digital marketing aspirants stop short of following their gut as they are unsure how their digital marketing career path will look like.

Here’s a sneak peek into the world of becoming a digital marketing professional:-


Like any other field, your career path as a digital marketer starts with training yourself to suit industry needs. Click here for Masters of digital marketing course.

The course will help you understand the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing. This is required as you will be faced with many client queries who still may be wary of trying the digital marketing route to push their product or services. And you need to be convinced yourself before you try convincing your client about why digital marketing is the best option for them.


Digital Marketing provides various job options to certified digital marketers. A digital marketing professional is free to choose his career path from a wide range:-




Digital Marketing Career Path

For years, the web development arena was ruled by IT graduates who used codes to create websites on HTML, PHP & the like formats. But with new age CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, the doors have been opened for all aspiring professionals to be part of digital marketing.

The first step of being able to market your product or service, your client will need a website and after learning website development through our Masters of digital marketing course, you will be able to offer a one-stop shop for your client’s needs. No coding, No IT knowledge required and yet you will be able to design the most modern websites not only in presentation but also in functionality.



Digital Marketing Career Path

The most lucrative in terms of choosing a digital marketing career path, SEO presents itself as the most technical and perennial job profile. One simple reason: SEO is endless!

SEO is an ever ongoing exercise as the race to the top will never stop. Wondering which race I am talking about? It is the race to be on top of Google search results on a range of selected keywords.

A beginner in digital marketing, hired specifically for SEO services can easily expect to earn INR 20,000 to INR 25,000 as starting salary.



 Digital Marketing Career Path

Do you want to shock people? Tell them you are not on Facebook or Instagram and enjoy the look on their faces! Social media has captured everyone’s imagination and also provides a mechanism to unwind and be who you are. This is where most of your target audience is and hence, you will need someone with Social Media Marketing skills to be able to tap this market.

Social Media executives can earn anywhere between INR 2.50 Lacs to INR 5 Lacs in their first three years itself. All you need to know is to how to create attractive campaigns for your client and money will start rolling in.

You can also learn to be an influencer and get paid to advertise other people’s product on your page!

Learn how you can optimize Youtube and monetize your channel with the best digital marketing institute in Delhi



Digital Marketing Career Path

This is where the real money lies. Curious to know who is an affiliate marketer?

He is the guy who owns nothing but a solid website which gets tons of traffic (and hence, potential customers) and acts as a mediator/platform/affiliate to facilitate sales of products owned by other people.

Take, for an instance, you own a website that talks about fitness and you get about 1 lakh visitors every month. Now there is someone who wants to sell protein shakes, has an e-commerce website but is unable to draw any customers to his website. He joins an affiliate program (the same as yours) and chooses you to be his affiliate.

In turn, you will post his product on your website and whenever a sale is made from the link on your website, you walk away with a cool commission. You don’t need to stock the product & worry about storage.

You are a digital marketer who knows how to increase visitors on your website and deserve to be paid.

People are making tens of thousands of dollars every MONTH with this. It’s not easy but if you have the right skill set, there is no looking back. Click here to learn Affiliate Marketing from the best in the industry



 Digital Marketing Career Path

The crown jewel in the art of digital marketing; your digital marketing career path is successfully conquered when you hold this position. Being a web analyst means you are a Digital Marketing guru, an expert in your field and you know how to spot the chinks in your armor.

You will constantly need to update, be one step ahead of the competition. To do that, you will need to correctly read trends, patterns, customer behavior and change your strategy accordingly. This is one of the most sought after skills in the industry today and you have to start NOW to reach the top!

The career path of a digital marketing professional in India is most exciting as it offers you so many opportunities at once. Like any other job, it demands hard work and skill. We know you don’t shy away from working hard, all you need is the best digital marketing course from the best digital marketing institute to nurture your talent!

You are one CLICK away from the best decision of your life.. This is where the magic happens!

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