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Digital Marketing is one of the best career choices among youth and here’s why you should do the Digital Marketing Course after Class 12th:

Timing is everything! I hope you will agree with the fact that the most successful people around us are the ones who were in the right place at the right time.

But while some of us may consider them lucky, the truth is something else. The truth is that these people knew where to be & most importantly, when.

Good news is you don’t have to scramble your grey cells to guess these things; the writing is on the wall.

Where to be: in the field of DIGITAL MARKETING

When: NOW

Digital Marketing Course after Class 12th: The Best Choice

Digital Marketing Course after class 12th is not a questionable choice, it in fact is the best decision you would take towards shaping up your career. The formula for success is clear: be at the right place at the right time & BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!

You have to be living under a rock to not know the impact of digital marketing on your lives or its immense scope for your career growth and when growth is at stake, none of us would want to wait, right?!

I understand that a lot of people with opinions (usually uninvited) would barge you with their suggestions about what to do after class 12th and the usual list includes graduation from DU, pursuing CA, BBA, etc.

But none of them, absolutely none of them guarantee a job or any degree of success. Plus, the duration is a minimum of 3 years before you can even be eligible to apply for a job.

Imagine the number of people who would take a head-start in digital marketing while you are still drowning yourself in mundane tasks with million other people and yet hoping that your career will turn out differently!

Digital Marketing is not only the future but the PRESENT! The moment is now and you have to seize it. Once you are done with your class 12th, you have to start thinking about creating a professional edge over your peers and competitors & the edge does not only have to be about getting a job but to earn money.

Digital Marketing gives you that edge with numerous options to work as a freelancer or earn from your very website or even better, earn while you post your stuff on social media.

Let us understand it a little better why you should do Digital Marketing after 12th:-


Every business or a small venture will need a website to be taken seriously by potential clients. A business without a website will soon be out of business and this is where you can be very much in demand.

No matter if you have ever studied anything even remotely related to IT, you can still learn this amazing skill in just 15 days! There are a number of platforms that enable you to design a website without any coding requirement and still boast of the same features as any other modern website.

Learn more about our Website Designing Course


Digital Marketing after 12th

You could be a fitness freak, a fashionista, a writer & may have your own set of followers who admire your work but do you know how to earn from your posts?

A lot of people (some of whom you may be following yourself) are earning by doing what they love by creating engaging posts on Facebook or Instagram. The only difference between them & you is the art of digital marketing.


Digital Marketing after 12th

Look at the likes of Zakir Khan (standup comic), Shirley Setia (singer & now actress) and a host of other celebrities like them. They leveraged YouTube to spread their word, grow their set of followers, increase their subscribers and start earning from their very own fans without making them pay.

You must have come across ads on YouTube videos, either right before the videos play or even during the video, these ads are placed on such channels that are bound to get more & more views and every time a user like us sees that ad, the YouTuber gets paid.


Digital Marketing after 12th

Once you have learned the art of website designing and learned how digital marketing can help you get more & more visitors each day, you can then start earning from these visitors in multiple ways. You can redirect your visitors to sites like Amazon & every time they buy something after being redirected from your website, you get a commission.

Learn more about our Affiliate Marketing Course

Google Adsense is another way where visitors can contribute to your earning by simply watching or clicking on an ad

showing on your website.

Now that I have given you a brief about digital marketing, do you see anything that first requires you to have a graduation degree?

Do you see anything that requires you to go through IT training?

In short, do you see any reason to wait?

Another great thing about digital marketing is that it is a lifetime skill and comes at a much lower cost than it’s so-called alternatives:-

 Digital MarketingCollege/Graduation
Duration3-4 months for Advanced Training3 years for basic + min. 2 years extra for specialization
CostINR 25,000 to 30,000INR 50000+
Jobs100000+ jobs in Delhi aloneJobs only worth INR 10,000 per month without an MBA or PG
Starting SalaryINR 20000+ extra income from website, social mediaINR 10,000 if you are lucky to even have a job just with graduation
Work from home optionAvailableKeep Dreaming
Global AppealDigital Marketing is the same around the globe and you can use this skill to work in any countryEven companies in India think thrice before considering a graduate for a job

Digital Marketing Course after class 12th is the most beneficial skill for you to have, especially because you already have everything you need to acquire this skill; a laptop/computer, an internet connection and a willingness to learn.

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