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Are you a college student or a fresher? Digital Marketing is one of the best career options among the youth in today’s Digital World. Add the most in-demand skill to your resume and get hired in just 3 months!

Most Suitable Course: Masters of Digital Marketing


Being a professional, you would best understand the need for a second income. Digital marketing gives you abundant opportunities to do that. You could even switch to a work from home life while your website makes millions.


Why limit yourself to one market when you can conquer the world. Grow your business with digital marketing. More customers than ever before means more money than you ever dreamt of!

Most Suitable Course: E-Commerce | Success Cart

Digital Marketing Course Modules

Digital Marketing Benefits

Learn how Digital Marketing is set to takeover traditional marketing. Everyone from Amazon to Jio are using digital marketing to reach you! This is the future!

SEO Course in Delhi

Website Creation

Learn how to create amazing modern websites with simple drag & drop that bring in conversions & sales. No coding knowledge required to learn this.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

Search Engine Optimization

Learn all the latest & modern techniques of SEO to rank your website on Google's 1st page and increase your Sales & Leads.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

Social Media Marketing

Grow your business online & increase web traffic by leveraging Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & more.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

Facebook Marketing

Take advantage of massive traffic of Facebook for your online business.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

Instagram Marketing

Reach to millions of young ones on Instagram to increase credibility of your brand.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

YouTube Marketing

Take the advantage of videos and grow your business on YouTube.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi


Create modern & elegant E-Commerce Websites and start selling.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

Google Ads

Start collecting leads & Sales without waiting for organic traffic to kick in by running PPC Ads.s.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

Lead Generation

Generate Leads for your Business by creating Sales Funnel.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

Affiliate Marketing

Become an Affiliate & earn Passive Income from your website.

and 40+ more...

Along with

  • Premium Tools worth Rs.74,320 absolutely FREE
  • Google Certifications
  • Hands-on Experience on Live Projects
  • Freelance Projects
  • Earning while learning: from your own website
  • 100% Job Assistance


Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Domain & Hosting for your Website absolutely FREE!!

Digital Marketing Tools you will be working on:

Get Google Certified Today !!

Digital Sales Certification
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Mobile Sites Certification _ Google

Student's Testimonials

  • It has been a wonderful experience learning with Avenir Education specifically “Akhil Arya”. The way each concept, techniques and tools are explained, makes it very easy and simple to understand.

    All my credit goes to “Akhil” for helping me develop an E-Commerce marketplace “” 

    Karan Narula
  • The overall experience of my course was very good, resourceful and added extra skills to my resume. My objective of joining this course is fulfilled. A very big thanks to Aditya Sir and Ridhima Mam.

  • It was a wonderful experience to learn something new & exciting under the guidance of Akhil Sir. His teachings made my website “” successful.

    If you are an internet lover, you will love Digital Marketing Course as it will change your view towards many things online.

    Vipul Singh
  • My experience in Avenir Education was fantastic. Faculty and trainers are very helpful in every way possible. I experienced friendly & motivating environment during classes.

    Varun Gupta

  • When I joined Avenir Education, I didn’t much about Digital marketing. But it is not hard to learn as one may think.

    Akhil Sir taught us in a way that it was very easy to learn skills like Website Creation, SEO, Social Media Marketing & many more..

    Aakriti Sharma

    Content Writer
  • Learning Digital Marketing is very easy despite your age or background. Being 62 years old, retired editor, I thought it is not possible to learn Digital Marketing at this stage.

    But Akhil Arya helped a lot & cleared all my silly doubts everyday and helped me create my dream project “”

    Vimal Chaturvedi
Digital Marketing Crash Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term of multiple digital channels through which we can market our products & services to our targeted people using internet & online mediums like Websites, Social Media, Search Engine, Google Ads, E-Mails & much more.

When you see ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube or any other website, they are all part of Digital Marketing, as those companies are using these Digital mediums to market their products & services.

Technology is changing and so is the customer. We are living in the internet/digital world. Every second person knows how to use the internet and they spend most of their time on the smartphones. Won’t you like to convert this scenario into an opportunity and build a strong online relationship with your customer? Online marketing aka digital marketing is the future. The craze is building at a rapid speed. Online Marketing has shown remarkable growth in recent years. 
MNCs and other big national and international companies are shifting their marketing budget to the digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Email Marketing, online content promotions etc. because their customer base is shifting online as you can relate with the self that how many times do we open facebook and other online social networks in a single day! This is the main and foremost reason why companies are shifting to online promotions.

A student might attend the advance digital marketing training course for the three major reasons:

1. To get a high paying job: What we’ve observed over the years that the main concern of the students who are appearing for this training program is they want to make their career in this field for a consistent earning. Our advanced digital marketing course in Delhi, India is designed in such a way that it makes you market ready and help you get a good job.

2. For Business Purpose: The second most common reason for students to join the online marketing classes is that they want to bring their business or startup online for the better sales and revenue.

3. For Freelancing Earning: Freelancing basically means earning from home through your blog by Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Lead generation, etc. Also by raising the projects online for SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing Campaigns, etc.

Believe me. If I had any idea about digital marketing or online marketing course back in my school days, I would have done it then and there. As this creative field does require any prior education qualification to enroll in Advance digital marketing course program.

This field is crazy and we promise you that after doing this course, you will never want to stop doing practicing digital marketing skills. It gets more intense and interesting. You will learn the basics and there is no expert in this field, there is so much to explore.

Avenir Education –   Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

provides you with the lifetime placement support and digital marketing assistance.

Digital Marketing course helps you gain the required insights to help you become a successful digital marketing executive. Companies are constantly looking for people who can start working for them almost immediately and hence, require candidates who are well trained and skilled.

The right digital marketing course helps kick start your digital marketing career path

It is the most promising career option today and anyone who tells you otherwise is living under a rock!

Click here to know why you should choose digital marketing career in India

Everybody can do this course, that’s the beauty of digital marketing! You don’t need to know the coding. You just need to give time and constant determination to learn new every day. Be constant and complete the everyday tasks given by the trainers and you will easily do the course easily in just 3 months. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection.

As we have mentioned before, we believe in personalization. We want every student to get satisfied and happy with the training and thus we keep only 3-7 students in one batch. This way, everybody gets the attention and there remains active participation of each student.

Of course you can! Join our weekend classes. Each class would be of 3hours and the classes would be given by the experts. Time is never a barrier. If you want to do it passionately, we will teach you the same enthusiasm. 

It’s pretty clear today that digital marketing will drive all future businesses and hence, jobs. You will need to step up to this changing and certain trend before you end up like the last I-phone launched by Apple – obsolete!

But imagine you are sitting in a room full of business heads, people with as much work experience as you have been born; they ask you the quintessential question : “why should we hire you?”

How do you plan to convince them of your digital marketing expertise? You definitely can’t say you learnt ‘All’ the techniques & strategies from a bunch of free videos on YouTube or by reading some free blogs because the person on the other side of the table knows exactly how the market works and he knows no good thing comes for free!


Let’s put it this way. Your meet someone for the first time in your life, do you immediately start trusting that person? Then how do you expect someone to hire you & pay you for a skill, he is not even sure you possess?

That’s where a valid, legitimate certificate speaks volumes FOR YOU! One it creates a sense of accountability (I wouldn’t sign on a certificate without knowing the facts) and second, it helps the employer gain more information about your skill and influence his questioning style.

A digital marketing course certificate helps you to prove to your potential employer that you have learnt what it takes to successfully do digital marketing for them.

Plus, it does not stop there. We, as one of the best digital marketing institutes in Delhi, help you get Google Certified as well for no extra cost! All this is already part of your regular course. So, think no more & start your digital marketing course today


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