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Digital Marketing is an umbrella term of multiple digital channels through which we can market our products & services to our targeted people using internet & online mediums like Websites, Social Media, Search Engine, Google Ads, E-Mails & much more.

When you see ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube or any other website, they are all part of Digital Marketing, as those companies are using these Digital mediums to market their products & services.

Digital Marketing is a very good career choice for students & graduates as the demand of skilled & professional digital marketers is increasing day by day. Because every company and business owner wants to sell his products/services. So to fulfill this demand there are lots of job vacancies in Digital Marketing Industry.

In order to become a Certified Digital Marketer, you need to do a Certification Course from a Certified Digital Marketing Institute. There are lots of Digital Marketing Institutes in all metropolitan cities, but mostly their business model is to earn money from students charging stupid amount of money rather than providing quality education like Avenir Education.

Take a look at our Masters of Digital Marketing Training Program.

Digital Marketing is a “Skill” Course and not a “Degree” Course. So there is no particular eligibility criterion on who can do this course and who can not. Whether you are a student or a graduate looking for a job, a housewife looking for online income, a working professional looking for a job change or a business owner looking to increase your sales, you can all do Digital Marketing Course.

And the best part is, it doesn’t matter whether you are from Marketing Background or not, everyone can do this course as it is very easy to learn and implement.

The course duration of Digital Marketing is usually 3 months when done on Weekdays and 5 months when done on Weekends. If you are looking for a FREE Demo Class to learn more about Digital Marketing, you can register here –> Demo Class Registration

The monthly salary of a digital marketer fresher is around 20-25k which is much more when compared to a fresher of any other industry. Usually BBA/BCA/BA/B.Tech/MBA graduates only earn around 8-15k. The reason for high salary for digital marketers is that they have learned a “Skill” not any “degree”.

Apart from salary, sky is the limit of how much you can earn monthly because when you become an affiliate, you can earn commissions of more than 1-10 lakhs per month by doing affiliate marketing.

Learn more about it here–> Affiliate Marketing Course

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