Digital Marketing for Engineers

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In this article, you will get to know why Digital Marketing for Engineers is a great choice and 5 reasons why you should do this.

Technology is both a boon & a bane depending on how we decide to use it. But if there is one thing that we cannot deny about technology is its ability to bring us all on one single platform as consumers.

When billions of consumers get together to form a seamless market, opportunities galore! But to reach out to these billion (and counting) people, you need special skills to outsmart the competition & with this need, DIGITAL MARKETING was born!

Digital Marketing today accounts for a sizeable share in every industry to attract as well as retain customers. While there are no restrictive eligibility criteria to enter this arena, engineers stand to benefit from this surge more than their compatriots.

Digital Marketing for engineers could either prove to be a great career opportunity or a source of parallel income.


Digital Marketing for Engineers

The surge of online networking through Facebook, Instagram, and online shopping has created a pool of options where everyone can benefit both as a consumer as well as a player.

We are absorbing the internet like there’s no tomorrow & it is evident by the boom of e-commerce businesses not only globally but in India as well. Amazon, Walmart (now owners of Flipkart) & many others like them are betting on the Indian market & its consumers to make online shopping a daily affair.

Platforms like Grofers & Big Basket have also contributed to this cause as more & more people are now buying their daily share of groceries online.

But how is the consumer getting hooked onto this online mechanism? The consumer is being led to explore this new way of shopping from the comfort of their homes or offices without having to fret about traffic snarls, crowded marketplaces.

Even bad purchases are more often than not covered with free returns policy, thus, eliminating most psychological hurdles in choosing online shopping over traditional buying.

If all this is new to you, you might be led to believe that the battle is probably half won by online vendors & they have it all sorted out for their future endeavors. You couldn’t be more misled if you were to believe that.

A couple of years ago, e-commerce giant Snapdeal refused an INR 875 crore deal to sell its venture on the simple principle of market exploration i.e. statistics show that online consumption has just barely tapped 5% of the total Indian population which goes on to show the massive market yet unexplored.

Tier III cities which are far densely populated largely remain outside the ambit as companies are still scrambling for ways to make deliveries in those areas without increasing their costs too much.

With so much more to do, the market is in need of digital marketing professionals more than ever!


The beauty of this field lies in the fact that it is open to one & all. There is nothing that stops you from earning huge sums of money from digital marketing but you, yourself.

The techniques involved in digital marketing involve similar principles like traditional marketing practices while the execution just takes place over the digital platform. A traditional marketer might want to keep up his engagement levels with a potential customer with regular calls while a digital marketer would do the same via e-mail marketing or Facebook posts or Twitter, etc.

Yes, there is a formal training required to understand the nuances of digital marketing but it is immune to one’s educational background or level of IT skills.


  1. As mentioned above, pretty much anyone & everyone can benefit from digital marketing but engineers are bound to have an edge.

Engineers, thanks to their intensive training, naturally have a knack for tech-related matters which makes them great at problem-solving. Moreover, someone from a software engineering background is bound to grasp the nitties-gritties much faster than anyone else.

  1. Engineers, in spite of their unending contribution, have not been served well by the industry or the economy as jobs have constantly dried up & the ones that are still available are offering them salaries way below par.

Digital Marketing can act as the second source of income that the industry has been unable to churn out for them.

Engineers can also benefit from web development skills by having an edge over other digital marketers by offering to maintain a company’s website built on the likes of PHP, HTML, etc. which will be a hurdle for digital marketers who have been trained on non-coding CMS platforms.

  1. Digital Marketing also gives engineers an option to be their own bosses, thereby encouraging entrepreneurship which was not the case earlier. Since most of what is to be done in a digital marketing campaign can very well be managed from home, engineers need not quit their day jobs & lose the leverage.

The idea is to explore parallel opportunities built on digital marketing initiatives & take it full time when it has reached a sustainable level.

  1. Digital Marketing business can be set up even while a student is still pursuing engineering and hence, jumpstart his career 5 years ahead of others. Imagine not breaking a sweat during those tormenting campus interviews when you know your backup is solid as a rock.

Your digital marketing success can also act as a boost to your employment chances as it showcases your leadership & initiative skills & also speaks volumes about understanding consumer behaviors.

  1. Engineers are gifted inventors but might face a challenge when they want to bring it into the market as there is an entire group of people to convince to believe & invest in your idea or product.

With digital marketing, engineers can take complete control of their product, test market response directly & function independently. Engineers with app development skills can benefit even further as avenues like PUBG, Pokemon, etc. have proven to be great money-spinners.

But these games would be nothing but just an idea if it were not for digital platforms that can make anything go viral. The aim is to learn how to reach your target audience fast enough to tap the ones that matter most.

To summarize, engineers should seriously consider pursuing digital marketing as they can serve dual functionality roles not only as employees but also as entrepreneurs; an edge very few people can boast of in the world of digital marketing!

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