Digital Marketing for Startups

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Digital Marketing for Startups

Digital Marketing for Startups: 4 major strategies that help every start-up overcome their problems.

Startups can be defined in multiple ways depending on which side of the table you are sitting. But as far as the startup founder & his team are concerned, it can only be seen one way: the start of a dream!

Successful startups like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Oyo have led a generation of believers over the fence from terming startups as a jittery proposition to a venture that knows no bounds.

Startups are exciting; Startups are liberating; Startups are the future but most of all, Startups are difficult!

Basically, a startup attempts to innovate the industry it’s functioning in or coming in with a product or service never heard of before. Either way, it is new to the end consumer and that presents the most critical of all difficulties.

PROBLEM NO. 1: Existence

The most basic of all problems for a startup venture is to announce its existence, for people to know that they are open for business. How to let your consumer know you are there?

PROBLEM NO. 2: Pestering

For the ones who do know you exist and might have also made a curious inquiry, how do you follow up with them without sounding too intrusive or even desperate?

PROBLEM NO. 3: Updates

You have launched a new product, a new service, opened a new branch, etc. etc. How to keep your consumers updated & notify fresh potential consumers?

PROBLEM No. 4: Budget

Any startup, big or small, funded or not will have a budget to function within. While advertising will be a major cost for any startup, how do you determine which channel of advertising gives you the best ROI?

While the problems are aplenty, the solution is unanimous and that is DIGITAL MARKETING!

Digital Marketing for startups is as essential to its existence as its very idea! Let’s understand how digital marketing can be a boon for startups:-

  1. Solves the Existence Problem

Digital Marketing is undisputedly the go-to solution for announcing your existence in the market. And not just that, you can choose to announce it only to your potential consumer group! Read on to find out how…


Digital Marketing for Startups

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools in the world today. You want to spread some news faster than any known medium, use social media and get traction worth millions of people across the globe.

People, in general, are more hooked on to social media than ever before and social media marketing helps you get your startup right on their screens, right in their own feed.  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn are all under the social media umbrella.

Facebook Ads:

A typical Facebook ad will reflect in the middle of the user’s regular feed & thereby does not act as an annoying medium to get your word across. You can even choose your targeted demographic and show your ad only to your potential customer group.


Ads on Insta are generated through Facebook & hence, the features remain similar. However, as an additional feature, you could use Instagram stories too to garner some attention. Startups can use this medium to interact with users, showcase their products and even receive orders.

FUN FACT: Did you know Facebook/Instagram Ads start at just INR 100 a day?!


Depending on what kind of business you are in, LinkedIn is also a great way to market your startup where it matters most. Technically, a B2B platform in this sense, it could give you fresh customers or who knows, even an investor who fancies your idea.


Digital Marketing for Startups

It’s a given fact that any individual searching for a product or service for the first time will search it on Google. But do you know what is a Google Business Page or how a Google Business Page can help build a strong local hold?

Google Business Page aims to give the users the most effective search results by first showing them the most relevant business listings related to their search criteria to fulfill their requirement.

A GBP snapshot for a user searching for stationery shops in his vicinity:-

Local SEO for Startups

As a startup, a GBP could give you exposure to thousands of local consumers situated anywhere between 0-10 Kms (or even more) from your location in an instant.

Learn how to do Local SEO here

  1. Sharing updates & follow-ups were never so easy & creative

You have managed to pique some interest in your product, you have some leads to follow up on but don’t know if it would be too much to call them. People already receive too many unwanted calls a day & you definitely don’t want to be on that list.


Digital Marketing for Startups

Email Marketing is an effective tool to maintain user engagement levels. Whether it’s just a follow-up or about sharing an update, a nice creative sitting comfortably in the user’s inbox never hurts.

Plus it gives the user the liberty to review the content at his leisure and thereby increasing your chances of a positive outcome as the decision is taken in a more relaxed environment.

Social Media Marketing will again prove to be handy here as your followers & subscribers get instant notifications of each & every post/update. Even those who are not following you but follow the content nice you are working in will also be able to see your posts provided you have optimized these posts!

  1. Digital Marketing is cost-effective

Digital marketing in spite of its enormous potential & reach is the most cost-effective tool in advertising or marketing today. It owes its cost-effectiveness to the element of targeted marketing.


Target Marketing refers to the most useful part of digital marketing & that is the ability to reach out not to a general audience but to a specified group of people depending on their location, age, gender, interests, engagement patterns, etc.

Imagine the potential ROI that you can extract when you can control who sees your ad. Gone are the days of conventional marketing and putting up bulky, expensive hoardings for everyone to see while only a small percentage of those people are actually your target customer.


While YouTube is a part of social media marketing, it deserves a special mention for the unique platform it provides.

Marketing videos can be a game-changer for startups as you can interact in a more interpersonal way and have a better impact on the user while trying to explain your products & services. Customer feedback that is video documented is also a much better way to attract new customers than just text testimonials that can be hardly verified.


Digital Marketing for Startups

Google Analytics in layman terms is a tool that allows you to check your website performance and as a result, the performance of your digital marketing initiatives. Performance can be checked on criterion like the number of visitors, source of visitors, their gender, age group, country/city, etc.

In the entire marketing world, digital marketing is the only one that allows you to be result-oriented and tweak your marketing strategies according to these documented results.

This allows startups to generate a better ROI on their advertising costs and also helps keep them on the right path.

Digital Marketing entails a lot more than what has been described till now with avenues like Advanced SEO, Google Ads, Content Marketing also being used extensively but the focus of this blog remains on utilizing the basic advantages of digital marketing to enable a startup to stabilize in the initial stages.

While the aforementioned clarifies the importance of digital marketing for startups, it is essential to understand & determine how to use it to your advantage.


Sure there are vendors out there who are providing digital marketing services but do they share the same passion for your dream as you do? Do they have the same things at stake as you do? The answer is a thousand times NO!!

Digital Marketing, as far as possible, should be an in-house skill as your team is the only one that understands the vision in which the startup is operating. Moreover, with competition from bigger companies with their deep pockets, there is always a need to make swift & urgent changes to your strategy.

You can take it as a virtual guarantee that digital marketing agencies will never have a dedicated team for your venture but you can.

Get DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING now, customized to your business needs and see your startup soar to deserving heights.

If you have any question regarding Digital Marketing for Startups, do comment down below and we will be more than happy to help you 🙂

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