[Facebook Case Study] How our student reached 47,729 people with only ₹931

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Facebook Case study

Today we will share our student’s successful Facebook Case Study with you on how she sold Designer Suits online by implementing a strategic approach and showcasing her products to the targeted audience, taught by our Google Certified “Digital Marketing Trainer“. 

Facebook Case Study

As you can see in the image above, our student spent only ₹931 on Facebook Ads and showcased her designer suits to a huge number of 47,729 people. 

And these 47,729 people is not just a random audience, but this is a targeted audience whose interests are online shopping, fabrics, Kurtis, designer suits, etc.  And due to this, there were 510 people interested in buying after seeing the ad with a mere cost of ₹931. That’s only ₹1.82 per people.

That’s the best part of Digital Marketing, that we can show our products & services to only those people who are interested in it. Take a look below how our student chose the audience that seems fit for what she has to sell.

Facebook Case Study

As you can from the image above, we can choose multiple options for our targeted audience. For e.g. their location, age, gender, interests, behavior and much more…

And this is never possible if you choose traditional marketing like newspaper ads, magazines, billboards, radio ads or TV ads because in all these channels our advertisement is shown to the general audience who may or may not be interested in what we are selling.

Another major advantage of using digital marketing mediums like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, in this case, is that we can measure everything from reach to impressions to clicks to add to carts and finally purchase. 

This data is very crucial as we can analyze our campaign, by fixing the problems which are decreasing our ROI. For e.g. we can see which age group is right for our products or which platform is right to advertise on, and much more small tweaks which will optimize our campaign. This is called A/B Testing.

Take a look below how we can analyze our campaign by seeing stats which are never available in traditional marketing:

Facebook Case Study

Age Wise Report

Facebook Case Study

 Platform Wise Report

We can see all of the reports of our campaign and can also choose reports on various factors.
Take a look below:

Now that you have seen this Facebook case study and understood a little bit, how Digital Marketing works, it’s time for you to take action and learn Digital Marketing from Avenir Education because every company needs to market their products & services using digital marketing for which they require skilled “Digital Marketers“.

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