How to Learn Content Writing

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How to Learn Content Writing

Today, with 4 easy steps, you will know how to learn content writing and become a better and polished content writer.

There are not enough words to express or emphasize the importance of content and hence, content writing towards the potential success for any online business or website performance. For any digital marketing endeavor, content is what determines both its scope as well as potential.

Simply put, content is the medium through which you talk to your visitors. It opens up the window for interaction to try & ensure that you get website visitors in the first place and then to make these visits recurring in nature.

But what will keep them coming back or share it with their friends? The answer is crystal clear – RELEVANT CONTENT!

This brings us to the next question – what is relevant content? They say you can’t paint the entire town with the same brush and the same goes for each website.

Each website has its own story to tell, its own group of target audience & content writing tells you how to tell your story and how to reach out to your desired audience.

The relevance of content can be judged on various parameters like how fast is the user able to extract the desired output from your website, how informative it is, how the reader-friendly it is and many more.

When you learn content writing, you acquire the art of not only bringing website visitors but also earn from those visits!

Mark my words no one gets bored faster than a website visitor! You have a very small window to make sure he doesn’t bounce off looking for alternatives & content is the deciding factor.


Let us see what can be categorized as an error in content writing through a real-time illustration:-

In this exercise, we searched for ‘how can I go from Delhi to Dharamshala’ and the following snapshot shows you the results we received. If you take a closer look the top-ranking result belongs to ( and it approaches the query in a specific & detailed manner:-

Learn Content Writing

Now, take a look at another result belonging to a popular website (

If you see the snippet posted on the page, it tends to lead the user to believe that there are no options available apart from the road to go from Delhi to Dharamshala. However, if you click on the read more option, the detailed version comes to life

Think about it as the actual user searching for this information. How likely are you to bounce off this website, searching for other links to give you a better insight? Our guess is 10/10

Thing is, you can’t put the onus on the user to navigate your website thoroughly to get the desired information, especially when you are not the only one offering it.

Many other common mistakes in content writing like poor readability, plagiarism, lack of proofreading, etc. as well as the presentation can adversely impact your website’s performance and subsequently your digital marketing income.

Furthermore, your monetization from your website heavily depends on the visibility your website gets, which is to say, unless you have the budget to run costly Google Ad campaigns, on-page content optimization (also known as on-page SEO) for your targeted keywords is absolutely essential for the survival of your digital marketing business.

The quintessential question now remains: How to learn content writing?

While ‘how’ is the procedural part, the ‘where’ is much more important. Luckily, we @ AVENIR EDUCATION are answers to both.


How to Learn Content Writing

STEP 1: Choose your content type

Content can be categorized in various forms viz. review writing, social post writing, blog writing, creative writing, article writing, etc. Depending on the kind of content you want to excel in, the training module is customized accordingly.

Review writing is a great source of potential income as you can attain the status of an influencer within your niche.

Social Post writing is complex as fresh content needs to be generated on a regular basis to keep user engagement high & hence, acts as a source for a long term career.

Blog writing is one of the most important drivers to a website’s SEO campaign and there are literally thousands of jobs waiting for quality content writers specializing in this niche.

STEP 2: Submit a draft content on a chosen topic

Like any other skill, content writing also has many levels & layers to it. For some, content writing comes naturally no matter the niche, but the same is not true for everyone.

To determine your path of training, your content submission will be assessed for grammar, fluency, relevance, etc. This way you do not end up wasting your time & energy on learning things you already knew.

We will identify the weakest areas first to brush up your basics and then move on to more specific content writing training.

STEP 3: Learning content writing in a practical environment

You will not only be taught the nuances of content writing but also be tested on a real-time basis as to your understanding of the concepts.

Writing is an art & there are no limitations to it, but like any art form, the expression is most important. Each exercise will aim to help you evolve as a content writer by capturing the reader’s imagination and imparting relevant information to the user in the most user-friendly manner.

STEP 4: Publishing your content

It is not enough to just come up with quality content but to bring it out in the world; a world where everything is open for trolling and praise has to be earned.

We help you bridge the gap by guiding you to the right platforms to publish your content, how to respond to comments to your content, how to better optimize it & of course, how to earn from it!

Step over the skepticism that clouds your judgment and grab the opportunity to be a professional content writer & rewrite your own destiny with AVENIR EDUCATION – your key to success!

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