Is Digital Marketing a Good Career?

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Is Digital marketing a Good Career

Are you asking yourself the same question as others: Is Digital Marketing a Good Career? Find out below.

We like it or not, but we are all part of the rat race. In fact, we contribute towards building it every day by trying to fish out the competition. In the course of it, we have our good days, our bad days and some days we are just questioning our career choices.

It’s technically impossible to define a ‘good career’ because each of us looks for different things from our career.

For some, the monetary compensation may be the only yardstick while for some, job satisfaction may be a greater deal.

But one common requisite for every career option will be longevity i.e. there should be enough scope for the career you choose to be able to sustain its relevance in order to give you long term monetary support.

Longevity can be predicted based on factors like market trends, innovations & government policies. If there is one thing that checks off all these factors, it is digitization.

The global community has accepted the need for a digital platform for pretty much everything that impacts our daily lives; from groceries to car rentals, from passport applications to business registrations, everything today is online and we can’t thank enough the people behind it.

Online businesses are now a thing of the present as well the future and it is certain that no industry or business is even thinking of going back to offline ways of doing business.

Here lies the scope of things to come and if you are looking for a career in the digital world, a very promising career awaits you, that of DIGITAL MARKETING!


A lot of people tend to confuse digitization with IT skills and often think that this global digitization boom will only benefit IT professionals.

The truth is, digitization is here to stay and while IT professionals will get busier building digital platforms to work on, the industry will still need people with the right skill set to use these platforms to get the job done.

Digital Marketing, on the other hand, is one career option that blends everything together & opens up the scope for professionals even with non-IT backgrounds to make a long term career.

This is so because digital marketing does not entail writing codes or creating applications or developing websites on PHP, HTML, etc. Digital Marketing simply includes marketing techniques on digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. along with generating traffic for a website.


If you notice above, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all FREE of cost platforms to use. Hence, you should wonder how these companies are worth billions of dollars & counting.

There is no business that can be valued without a revenue stream and if these platforms are free to use, where is the revenue coming from? You guessed it right, advertising!!

Because of the sheer number of people that flock to these websites on a DAILY basis, these platforms act as the perfect stage to showcase products for any company or individual.

Where else do you get to showcase your talent, products or services at the click of a button to billions of people at once without moving an inch out of your office or home?

All these mammoth websites have their advertising policies that allow people to create an advertising campaign to reach their target audience. DIGITAL MARKETING teaches you how!

It’s safe to assume that Google will continue to be the biggest source of all online information for the foreseeable future and in lieu of it, Digital Marketing is here to stay.

No wonder there are 4955 digital marketing jobs as of the date in Delhi-NCR alone

Is Digital marketing a Good Career

And this result is based on only one keyword


Digital Marketing is a broad umbrella of different types of techniques to market a business online. You can either choose to be an independent digital marketer yourself or choose to specialize in one division of digital marketing.

Some of the most popular digital marketing profiles are listed below:-

  1. SEO Executive
  2. SEO Analyst
  3. Digital Marketing Executive
  4. Digital Marketing Manager
  5. SEO Manager
  6. Online Marketing Manager
  7. Brand Manager
  8. Social Media Marketing Executive
  9. Social Media Marketing Manager
  10. Google Adwords Executive
  11. Website Designer (non-coding)
  12. Online Reputation Manager and many more…


Digital Marketing professionals are needed by every industry as each business looks to grab the maximum market potential. The era of offline, untargeted, generic advertising is fading away and paving way for talented digital marketers.

Some of the biggest industries to absorb digital marketing professionals are:-

  1. Travel Agencies
  2. Startups
  3. Garment or Fashion Industry
  4. E-Commerce businesses
  5. FMCG Companies
  6. Political Parties
  7. Banking & Insurance Industry
  8. Colleges, Universities, Institutions
  9. Automobile Industry
  10. Hotels & Hospitality Industry including restaurants


The beauty of digital marketing is that all it needs is a computer or laptop and an internet connection. If you are already working and looking for a second income source, digital marketing is undoubtedly your best shot at making big money from home.

Digital Marketing offers avenues like

  • Google Adsense that allows you to monetize your website whenever a visitor clicks on an ad reflecting on your webpage &
  • Affiliate Marketing wherein you earn a commission for selling other people’s products from your web platform.

To know more about Affiliate Marketing, click here

Moreover, there are several freelance opportunities that await you as a certified digital marketer. As part of our Masters of Digital Marketing program, you learn how to create fully functional websites without coding.

You can use this skill & other skills you will learn as part of your digital marketing training to give customized solutions to other people or businesses.

However, none of it is supposed to undermine the importance of digital marketing as a full-time career. With the growing trend of online shopping and consumer dependency on online forums to make buying choices, more & more companies are creating focused divisions for digital marketing.

Check out this news below:-

Is Digital marketing a Good Career

One of the world’s biggest coffee chains Starbucks has a separate division for Digital Marketing & has recently appointed Ms. Deepa Krishnan as its Digital Marketing head.

This goes on to prove that even businesses with a global physical presence cannot overlook the importance of digital marketing to maintain its brand value. This is the new corporate truth and it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity.


Salaries are a combination of experience, skill level & demand-supply of eligible individuals in that niche. Digital Marketing is no different in this regard but being an evolving field, the early birds have the most to gain.

The demand-supply gap in the digital marketing field at present is enormous & hence, certified digital marketers entering now can start their career with at least INR 20,000 per month as a FRESHER!

Digital Marketing managers are easily earning between INR 50,000 to 60,000 and it goes up in lakhs for the ones heading the division.

The key is to keep yourself updated, understand online consumerism to make successful online marketing strategies while also earning from your own website as an additional income.


Like any other profession, digital marketing too requires an honest effort but allows you to work smart than hard for a sustainable long term income.

The sustainability of this career cannot be questioned & the scope can only grow.

There a million reasons why you should acquire this amazing skill but most of all, in a highly competitive world, you need an edge to survive. A career in Digital Marketing gives you that edge as you can work on your own terms knowing that you have income avenues awaiting you always!

What do you think, Is Digital Marketing a Good Career? Share your opinions down below.

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