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Power of Digital Marketing: 7 Unparalleled Advantages

In this article, we talk about the Power of Digital Marketing, how it is super beneficial for users today with 7 unparalleled advantages.

A lot has been said & discussed about digital marketing and how it is fast becoming a favored platform for marketing for individuals and enterprises alike.

Comparisons have been drawn to pit traditional marketing against digital marketing and quite unsurprisingly, digital marketing has come out on top each time.

To think of it, digital marketing is a fairly new concept and its extensive use has only come into play recently. Proven success rates & repeated rounds of funding into this channel have only strengthened digital marketing’s position in business strategy today.

With this spurt in popularity, we are deemed to sit back and acknowledge the immense power of digital marketing that makes it a force to reckon with. Digital marketing’s power lies in its innate ability to turn fortunes overnight and today we have decided to dig into it and unravel its true potential.


power of digital marketing

Under the ambit of traditional marketing techniques, it used to take years for someone to have widespread recognition or even visibility. Self-promotion platforms were almost never heard of & word of mouth was restricted too, thanks to the limitation of technology back then.

The internet, however, enabled us to transcend all boundaries!

Forward & Share buttons have turned it around quite literally by giving people the power to share and forward content with their set of friends who may share a similar interest.

No more waiting for years to become a sensation as it could all happen overnight.

Content can be shared as many times as one likes and with the help of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, everything is possible.

Take a look at the spurt of stand-up comedy in India; an art which was less heard of and was mostly confined to USA & Europe. Comics like Vipul Goyal, Kenny Sebastian, Zakir Khan have used YouTube to propagate their talent & bring it forward. AIB’s roast was probably the first of its kind to garner so much attention on social media that it opened the doors for many others.


The power of the internet and subsequently, internet or digital marketing is that it is a free-for-all platform. Content viewing, in general, is not subject to geographical boundaries but more interest-based in nature.

Marketing on platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook is basically designed on an interest-based environment where the user is shown suggested content based on his/her own interest, no matter the geographical location of either of them (content viewer or content creator).

Imagine a person wanting to buy Indian handicrafts sitting in Canada. All he has to do is, search for the same on Google and in turn, he will see all the relevant links both originating from India & elsewhere, thereby diluting international boundaries.

Such expansive marketing is only possible with digital marketing.


Traditional marketing has often felt the brunt of ‘celebrity endorsements’ and the need to rely on a known face to provide credibility to the product or service being marketed.

The real power of digital marketing lies in content marketing; a world where content is what connects you with your targeted audience and what will primarily determine how you end up being seen by that set of people.

If a user wants to buy a phone, he will search about it on Google; for example, ‘mobile phones under INR 10,000’ or ‘latest mobile phones in India’, etc. but you will never see a user searching like this: ‘best mobile phone endorsed by Ranveer Singh’

Users will either be directed to e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. or be shown review websites that talk in detail about mobile phones and let the user make an informed choice.

This not only encourages you to put quality content out there but also have a real shot at being a digital entrepreneur without thinking of competition from bigger companies with only bigger budgets to play with.


Traditional marketing’s biggest weakness is digital marketing’s strongest point. The fact that digital marketing can be measured to the last rupee spent and all aspects of a strategy like a visitor volume, source of visitors, bounce rate, average time spent per page, etc. can do wonders for future strategies or amend current ones.

Google’s search console is a big help in this direction as it allows you to tap into the finer details of your marketing strategies and make informed decisions rather than decide to spend your valuable money on ifs and buts.

Having the option to track how each advertising penny is being spent, its return on investment, identifying core groups, etc. makes digital marketing the most powerful tool ever!


power of digital marketing

As the name suggests, digital marketing makes it possible to remarket your product or service to audiences that may have shown some level of interest or engaged with your content in the past.

In traditional marketing, it is difficult to create databases that would provide you information relevant to future strategies as more often than not, we are unaware of the source of visitors.

But in digital marketing (with its ability to measure), we thankfully can maintain databases & track interested audiences to be tapped at a later date through remarketing techniques.

A lot of times, the user does not end up completing the purchase in one go & this is one of the aspects where remarketing comes in very handy.


Not everyone will have a product or service to sell or may not want to take up the hassle of maintaining inventories, dealing with customers, etc.

Digital Marketing still has the ability to allow such people to monetize their knowledge through channels like affiliate marketing. It is one thing to sell cameras and another to know a thing or two about them.

You can create a website to share your knowledge about cameras and soon enough, if your content is optimized correctly, you will start getting visitors to your website who will end up using the information put out on your website.

If they can also buy something that they see on your website, chances are they will. Affiliate marketing allows you to monetize your website by earning a commission on sales made for a third party vendor. There are scores of affiliate programs available & you can choose the one you like.


power of digital marketing

Just as it sounds, you could be an internet celebrity on your own! Social media has contributed to this cause greatly and has made superstars out of commoners.

People follow certain popular accounts since they want to be updated with their latest posts. Once you have reached a certain number of people with guaranteed visibility along with unique and likewise audience being created on a regular basis based on interest sharing, you earn the tag of being an influencer.

As an influencer, you are looked at as someone who can influence people’s buying choices and are approached by interested companies for shout outs of their own products or services.

It is a great medium of modern advertising and one where everyone goes home happy!

The power of digital marketing is unparalleled in many ways, especially the way it lets you delve into the audience pool to filter out your own core group. The platform is ready with its numerous channels, technology upgrades & smarter maneuvers. All that remains is for powerful digital marketers to fill the gap!

Now that you know the power of digital marketing, its time for you to become a professional digital marketer from our Masters of Digital Marketing Program.

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