What is Digital Marketing Course

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What is Digital Marketing Course

In this article, we will tell you what is Digital Marketing Course and how can a digital marketing course help your career and business. 

Progress is directly proportional to our efforts but efforts without focused guidance are nothing but shots in the dark.

To upskill is the need of the hour, to adapt is the only way to survive!

Gone are the times of manual mundane jobs as the world ushers in the digital era where everything is fast, creative & cutting-edge.

In the wake of this digital era, digital marketing; a marketing niche that is already turning the wheels of time & is soon replacing traditional marketing as the preferred channel to advertise has come to the fore.

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Digital Marketing is the art of attracting audiences to your online shop through your website, through social media channels or any other digital platform like emails, SMS, mobile marketing, etc.

When we say online shop, we do not mean to limit it to E-commerce websites but it means that digital marketing opens up avenues for everyone to potentially monetize their Facebook page, Instagram profile, Twitter handle, etc.

Yes, it really is possible to earn just through Facebook & Instagram alone; already thousands of people are doing it and you could be the next big thing in online business!

We can practically guess your apprehension here; probably you already tried various tricks you learned from ‘digital marketing videos’ in the hope of earning some real money online but it hasn’t worked. Well, it was never supposed to happen!

Thing is, when you watched those videos, you only became their customer unknowingly and helped them earn money from YouTube. There is no one, practically no one who will teach you for free!

The biggest difference between you & all the others you see raking up some serious income, as well as popularity online, is KNOWING THE TRUTH!

The truth about digital marketing is that it is a skill like any other professional skill. Have you ever seen a non-IT professional heading Google or Microsoft? Have you ever seen a non-finance person head a bank?

Just like that, digital marketing needs to be learned formally to understand how algorithms work, how visibility is created and once visible enough, how to capitalize it into earnings!

And the only way to do that is to enroll in DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE!


Digital Marketing course is structured to impart to the candidate in-depth knowledge about all technical aspects of this unique skill.

A comprehensive course like the one at AVENIR EDUCATION will start with website designing to provide you the ability to take up overall projects/contracts once the course is completed successfully.


While we strongly encourage our inquiring digital marketing candidates is to go for a customized course that best matches their end goal for learning digital marketing, the exhaustive list of categories of contents taught are as follows:-

  1. Website designing & creation (non-coding platform/CMS)
  2. Social media marketing (marketing techniques on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  3. Video marketing (marketing techniques & viral marketing on YouTube)
  4. Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  5. Google Ads (how to create & optimize advertisements to feature on Google SERP)
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Content Marketing
  10. Google Analytics
  11. E-Commerce

These are the broad modules, while the sub-modules total up to 40+ topics being covered. Download our Brochure.


Digital marketing is for everyone! No matter what your educational background is, no matter what your professional background is, anyone can easily learn digital marketing.

Further, it is beneficial too for everyone!


What is Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is an exciting career for students to take up with its amazing potential. Companies are desperately looking for talented, young digital marketing professionals to seize the online marketplace.

Jobs like SEO Executive, SMM Executive, Digital Marketing Executive are available in thousands but the supply is still dry and hence, the pay is great!

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What is Digital Marketing Course

Whether you are working in a marketing or non-marketing profile, digital marketing can still be a life savior for you.

Working in a corporate environment, you would by now know one thing for sure; the competition is practically cut-throat. Industries are going through a slump and the fear of recession is always mounting.

The only way to safeguard yourself in this uncertain environment is to have a backup and a backup that is solid in terms of long term demand & sustainability. And nothing beats digital marketing on this front.

To have the tag of being a Google certified digital marketer can be a great boost to your career and it is not restricted to just marketing domain jobs; there is a widespread integration of other roles with the skill of digital marketing to assessing performances, manage customer feedbacks & creating interactive web portals for query management and many others.

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What is Digital Marketing Course

Businessmen can benefit greatly from a digital marketing training course. In a world where traditional marketing is standing at the exit door & yet remains costly, every business needs a digital marketing push to gain new market share.

But this need will be fulfilled only when you have gone through a formal training course for yourself or for your marketing team.

SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, Mobile Marketing are all great avenues for businesses to start effective advertising!


What is Digital Marketing Course

Many women have had to succumb to the pressure of juggling their professional & family lives and unfortunately, more often than not, it is the career that gets crucified usually.

The sudden lack of a professional purpose & threat to financial security can be intimidating for anyone. But with digital marketing, every housewife can turn their passion into profession& work from the comfort of their homes.

E-commerce training has proved to be an integral part of digital marketing to empower women who still possess the drive to do better for themselves & for the family.

Freelance opportunities galore & can come in handy to gain some experience to re-enter the industry after a hiatus.

AVENIR EDUCATION can help you find your calling & teach you the nuances of digital marketing!

Digital Marketing is a gold mine and there is no one in the world who would give away this treasure for free. The time is now to make an informed choice and acquire this skill of a lifetime!

Now that you know what is Digital Marketing Course, feel free to attend our FREE Demo Class.

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