Why Digital Marketing is important?

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Why Digital Marketing is important?

I have often been asked ‘why digital marketing is important’ & I indeed wonder why this is still even a legitimate question.

No, am not being obnoxious; but it just amuses me that anybody with a smartphone or laptop or just about any known way to use the internet would believe that he/she is not already part of this marketing juggernaut.

See the importance yet? For the uninitiated let me put it this way, everyone with access to the internet is a potential customer, no matter which part of the world you sit in. The experts put this number at somewhere north of 4 billion people! Yeah. Do the math!

What it means is that the internet, if nothing else, has been able to bring billions of people onto this one common platform of the world-wide-web and build this giant, ever-growing community of people who would use it each and every day of their lives. If you can find a bigger market elsewhere, it must be in the parallel universe.

Digital Marketing is your way to open your shop in this market and if you know what you are doing, you should start looking for someone to manage all the money you are about to earn!

Digital Marketing is not only important, but it is also essential for every business, big or small. It is the most potent way to target your customers, engage with them and even predict their future needs.

Let me explain with an example; a nutrition expert in India wants to build his own clientele and starts looking for the best way to advertise his services. Among the available options, he could start an ad in a local newspaper or a radio station, run an ad on TV or finally, just use the internet.

While the newspaper gives you numeric reach, you have no idea how many actually saw your ad.

Cost of radio stations & TV ads is through the roof & if that’s not enough for you to turn it down, it shares the same disadvantage as for the newspaper ad mentioned above.

Here, the internet comes to your rescue where you can CONTROL & DECIDE who gets to see your ad, how many actually saw it and how many actually responded to it one way or the other.

Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing is a medium where you have diverse ways of reaching your potential customers on the internet irrespective of their geographical location & yet being able to filter out the audience in such a manner that all your precious money is spent only on your targeted audience.

Digital Marketing entails the use of different techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Google Ads among others to spread the word around not only locally but throughout the world without even stepping out of your house or spending a single dime on travel costs.

This was not possible in the pre-internet era and the millennials should be really thankful for not having to grill themselves going door to door trying to sell their products or services. The various techniques & mediums available make it really simple for you to reach your target audience and also check if your strategy is actually working.



Why Digital Marketing is important?

Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a technique that helps you connect with your target audience by optimizing your website in such a manner that it features on Google’s first page or even better ranked first on the first page when the user initiates a search related to your niche.

This helps increase your chances of visibility and hence, sales.

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Why Digital Marketing is important?

Be it the Kardashians or your very own Government, everybody is trying to get a piece of the action in a race to build more followers on social media. Simply put, followers attract more followers and more followers increase your chances of sales as well as opening up new routes of monetizing your social media handles.

But how do you increase your reach organically, how to keep the users engaged are some of the things you learn in digital marketing.

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Why Digital Marketing is important?

Merely generating traffic on your website does not guarantee sales. You could be getting a 1000 visitors a day and yet remain unable to sell a single unit because you may be focusing on the wrong group of people looking at your website.

Google Analytics helps you to understand how users interact with your content & give you an insight for future course corrections and marketing strategies. This helps you to invest your time & money in the most judicious way & increase your return per customer reached.


Why Digital Marketing is important?

If you are not a seller yourself, you can still be part of digital marketing and yet earn from it by acting as an affiliate. In layman terms, an affiliate is like a middle man that helps redirect a user to buy a product on someone else’s portal in return of a commission.

In fact, this is one of the most sought after ways of earning big incomes as a digital marketer and yet not having to stress about maintaining physical product stocks.

This is probably only 40-50% of what digital marketing can do for you. Its importance lies in the fact that customers are getting extremely attracted to the convenience and they look for everything on the internet to make their lives easier. The idea is to reach them in a manner that is organic, cost-effective, non-intrusive and safe!

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Marketing as we know it today is fast becoming a thing of the past and there is absolutely no doubt that digital marketing is the future for all marketing strategies.

As a person looking for a job, this is one area you should definitely look into as companies are scrambling for digital marketing professionals to boost their sales. But they are not going to trust your word for it.

In order to make a successful professional career in the field of digital marketing, it is paramount to first be formally trained in this arena & in a manner that is absolutely practical. Companies will rely on Google Certifications which can only be cleared after taking up a digital marketing course.

All said & done, digital marketing is an acquired art that requires the right guidance, focus, and clarity as it involves you working in a dynamic interface where users are being added by the second but so are the competitors.

When you start searching for free tips on digital marketing or videos that claim to teach you this exquisite art for free, you are indeed a part of their digital marketing campaign where you have just added yourself to their website traffic and hence, the required traction for them to start monetizing it.

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